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About WITS

The Wharton Institute of Technology and Science (WITS) was founded to provide mature men and women an opportunity to undertake further studies in their chosen profession. The professional programs offered by WITS provide an opportunity for occupational experience, specialised training and independent reading to be assessed and recognised for credit purposes in meeting typical coursework qualification requirements.

After the CMA admission process is completed, a study program is then developed for each student, which is administered under the guidance and supervision of the WITS faculty. All of the programmes offered by WITS are delivered under license of international professional organisations.


Take Your Class Online

Students complete online any required coursework, assignments, projects, readings, reports, research or writing which may be required in his or her professional body program. During this process, the student is given the opportunity to either study independently or (for an additional fee) maintain internet-based communications with the WITS faculty. Examinations are invigilated by supervisors approved by the relevant professional body residing in the locality of the student.




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