Once I am enrolled, what next?

When you log in with your username and password a hidden menu item Course Aids will appear on the webpage so that you can download all required material from the website. If you are undertaking the CMA or GMA programs, the CMA subjects are self-contained in that all material is given (the textbook is optional). However, in the case of the GMA subjects, these may require the purchasing of a compulsory text-book.

When it’s time for the exam, in countries where the WITS GBS (or ICMA) does not have regular examinations, the candidate must nominate an exam supervisor and venue. The supervisor must be either a University Academic, or a Professional such as an Accountant, Lawyer or Doctor, and MUST NOT BE RELATED OR BE FRIENDS OF THE CANDIDATE OR HIS/HER FAMILY. Please note that all cost related to the above examination, including venue fees, supervisor’s time etc. must be borne by the candidate

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