What is the means of contact with lecturer and or peer students?

You may wish to avail yourself of an online academic mentor from the WITS. This will cost you approximately $800 per subject, and your questions will be answered on a weekly basis by the mentor. Due to the flexibility of the examination structure (i.e. students can take examinations when they are ready rather than waiting for an exam period), WITS does not link up students with others doing the program. The course is one of independent study only. If networking and joint study is preferred, then we would advise you to join one of the many face-to-face seminars offering the GMA/CMA programs from around the world.

See Private Providers.

 The exams are taken in a mutually agreed exam period between WITS and the student. For CMA and GMA subjects the usual exam period is May or November, and it will cost more for ICMA students wishing to sit for exams outside these scheduled times.

 ICMA expects an exam to be taken within one-year of commencing a subject.


ICMA exam dates and deadlines to register are shown in:
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